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This exclusive bundle is more than just books; it's a passage into the heart of the Cook Islands' culture and history. Each story, with its unique narrative and rich illustrations, offers a window into the soul of the Pacific, making it a must-have for anyone interested in exploring the depth and diversity of Cook Islands heritage. Ideal for visual learners, cultural enthusiasts, and anyone who cherishes heartwarming and heroic tales, these books are treasures that will inspire and educate readers of all ages.

This bundle includes two books.

Tapuaetai | The Story of One Foot Island
Marouna | Hero Who Saved Aitutaki

1. Tapuaetai - The Story of One Foot Island Dive into the heartwarming tale of love and sacrifice with "Tapuaetai - The Story of One Foot Island." This beautifully narrated story captures the essence of a parent's unconditional love. Set in the breathtaking scenery of the Cook Islands, it tells of a parent who saved their child by concealing the child's footprints with their own. This act of pure love and protection gives the famous motu its name, Tapuaetai, or One Foot Island. This book is not just a story; it's a journey through the cultural landscapes of the Cook Islands, showcasing the depth of parental love and the sacred bonds within families.

2. MAROUNA | HERO WHO SAVED AITUTAKI Embark on an epic adventure with "MAROUNA | HERO WHO SAVED AITUTAKI." This bilingual book, written in both Cook Island Maori and English, brings to life the legendary story of Marouna, a warrior born in Rarotonga. Called upon by his grandfather in Aitutaki, Marouna's mission is to save the people from the menacing Aitu. His journey is fraught with challenges, from navigating perilous seas to rallying warriors across the islands of Mangaia, Atiu, Mitiaro, and Mauke. This tale, traditionally passed down through Aitutaki oral history, is now vividly presented in this bilingual and illustrated format. It's not just a story; it's an educational journey into the rich cultural history of the Cook Islands, offering an immersive experience in both language and tradition.

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