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Clinton Hewett, an accomplished artist hailing from the Cook Islands, is widely recognized for his extraordinary talent in capturing the deep-rooted history and cultural heritage of his homeland through his vibrant paintings. Hewett's artistic journey commenced in his youth, where the rich tapestry of traditional art forms and storytelling customs of the Cook Islands profoundly influenced him. Demonstrating a keen awareness of the imperative nature of cultural preservation, Hewett endeavors to portray the captivating narratives of his ancestors and the distinctive island way of life through his diverse artwork.

Clinton Hewett has been working as a woodcarver, artist and storyteller (heritage knowledge bearer) professionally since 1991. His career spans 32 years thus far, beginning in Aitutaki, Cook Islands.


Employing a range of mediums, including canvas, wood, and indigenous materials sourced from the Cook Islands, Hewett's meticulous attention to detail and adept use of color imbue his paintings with a vivid vitality. Each brushstroke serves as a testament to his enduring connection to his cultural roots, exemplifying his dedication to disseminating the tales of the Cook Islands to a broader audience. Through his artistic expression, Hewett seeks to kindle curiosity and foster an appreciation for the cultural legacy of the Cook Islands, urging others to safeguard and treasure this invaluable heritage for generations to come.

A virtuoso artist from the Cook Islands, Clinton Hewett has committed his creative endeavors to the preservation and exaltation of the abundant heritage and history of his native land. Leveraging his discerning eye for detail and profound artistic prowess, Hewett breathes life into the vibrant stories and traditions of the Cook Islands through his breathtaking paintings. Each stroke of his brush serves as a portal, transporting viewers into a realm of enthralling narratives and profound symbolism.

Motivated by his profound connection to his ancestral roots, Hewett focalizes on encapsulating the thematic nuances that have molded the Cook Island heritage. From the graceful cadence of traditional dance to the intricate patterns of indigenous clothing, his artwork serves as a visual odyssey, spotlighting the intricacies and beauty inherent in the customs of the islands. Through scrupulous exploration of the history and traditions of the Cook Islands, Hewett ensures that his paintings stand as a testament to the resilience and pride of his people. As his masterpieces grace walls around the globe, Hewett triumphantly imparts the stories of the Cook Islands to a worldwide audience, nurturing a heightened comprehension and admiration for this singular culture.


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