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Castaway Princesses

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A more recent story. The sandalwood trader The Cumberland led by Capt. Goodenough arrived in Rarotonga in search of mythical sandalwood forests, instead they only found nothing of the sort but stayed for a period of time on Rarotonga. In this time several transgressions against the local population transpired where locals were shot and killed.

Fearing that the local tribe would seek reprisal for the deaths of their family, the Cumberlands crew kidnapped two Rarotongan women of high rank (princesses) Tepairu Ariki and Matakavau Kainuku to ensure their safety as they escaped.

As British naval law of the time forbade any vessel taking any local population against their will, the Cumberland sailed near Aitutaki where they cast the two princesses ashore near the motu Maina before locals rescued both women.

Here both princesses console each other as they walk along the beach.

Materials: Stretched Canvas, Oil paint, varnish.
Size: 48 x 36
Date: 2021

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